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  • Who do I make payment to?

    Payments are made out to the booster club you are affiliated with as per Organized Team Sports Manual. However, if it is a parishwide league that is sponsored by the Department of Parks and Recreation, such as American League baseball (ages 9 through 14), girls softball (ages 9 through 16), fall baseball (ages 9 through 14) and St. Charles Parish Girls Basketball (9-16), payments must then be made out to the Department of Parks and Recreation.
  • How does registration work?

    There are a few options to register your child:
    • If it is a parishwide league, such as fall baseball, girls softball, and girls basketball, you must register online through the Department of Parks and Recreation website and pay online. Individual booster clubs offer online registration with online payment for various sports such as football, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, baseball and t-ball.
    • The Department of Parks and Recreation office, in collaboration with the booster clubs, offers a night registration at the Edward A. Dufesne Community Center. Dates and times are to be determined by both the booster club and the Department of Parks and Recreation office. Times, dates and locations will be posted in the important dates calendar at the beginning of registration.
    • Some booster clubs may offer an additional date and location to register. Some booster clubs offer online registration as well. For more information please contact your booster club representative.
  • How do I find out about registration information?

    The Parks and Recreation Department provides information pertaining to registration in the following ways:
    • Information pertaining to registration is posted on the Department of Parks and Recreation website. Information can also be obtained by calling the office at (985) 783-5090.
    • Registration information can be found on SCP-TV and in the local newspaper. 
    • If you would like to receive information about registration dates, sign up for e-newsletters based on the type of sport you are interested in.
  • When does registration start?

    Both the start date and deadline date of registrations are voted upon by booster club representatives at the Organized Team Sports meetings.

    • Registration is generally open for one month, depending on the sport.
    • If you registered your child but did not pay by the time of the deadline, the booster clubs have the right to reject your registration.
  • How do I find out if a game is rained out or cancelled?

    Information on rained out games will be posted on the Department of Parks and Recreation scheduling site. Rained out and games are typically not rescheduled due to the length of the schedule. You can also be notified of rain-out/cancellations by joining our e-mail list.

  • What does the Department of Parks and Recreation Department supply for sports programs?

    • Baseball and softball: Catchers gear, game balls, practice balls, t-ball tee (for coaches only)
    • Football: Helmet and shoulder pads
    • Basketball: Basketballs (gym attendant only)
    • Volleyball: Volleyballs (gym attendant only)
  • Do I have to pay for each sport, or is there a one-time fee?

    Registration fees are collected for every child for each sport that he or she participates in.

  • What does the registration fee cover?

    The registration fee covers the cost of the uniform for the participant.

  • What if we choose not to participate?

    If you choose not to participate, please contact the booster club you are affiliated with and ask for a refund. If you are playing in a parishwide or franchise league sponsored by the Department of Parks and Recreation, please contact the office at (985) 783-5090 to discuss your refund. However, once uniforms are ordered, refunds will not be issued.

  • Does my child have to play in his or her age group?

    Players not making the cutoff must play within their age group. Cutoffs for each sport are listed on the registration forms. Regarding the player’s ability or talent, the player must still play within his or her age group. If there is not a team within the age group that your child has signed up in, your child may play up in age group. A player's age is determined by the cutoff date.

  • Does my child have to play for the booster club within the area that I live?

    Yes. All participants must play within their booster club. If a booster club does not have a team within the age group that you signed up, your child's information will be sent to the second exchange booster club. If that booster club does not have a team in that age division, your child will be sent to the third exchange booster club.

    For more information regarding exchange booster clubs please contact the Department of Parks and Recreation and someone will be able to assist you.

  • What do I do if I do not receive a call for practice or to find out what team my child is on?

    If your child is playing recreational sports and you did not receive a call, please contact your booster club regarding the situation. If your child is playing American League or parishwide and did not receive a call for practice or team information, please contact the Department of Parks and Recreation so the situation can be rectified.

  • When will the schedules be posted?

    The schedules are typically posted a week before a league starts. Once we have received all booster club team counts, schedules will be posted online. We will not post schedules before this time because booster clubs can eliminate teams due to coaching or participation issues.

  • Who selects teams for the recreation sports leagues?

    Booster clubs are responsible for the drafting of teams for the recreation leagues. Once the registration deadline has passed, all registration forms will be handed over to the booster club in order for them to start drafting teams. Once a coach is selected and the team is drafted, the coach or coaches of that booster club's team or teams will contact the players selected on his or her team. For the American League, girls parishwide basketball and girls parishwide softball leagues, the Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for drafting the teams based on evaluation scores.

  • What is a parishwide league?

    A parishwide league is a league designed for girls ages ages 9 through 16 and boys ages 9 through 14. All players will be evaluated and scored on certain areas of play. Players with the highest scores will be divided amongst the teams for fair play. Players making the all-star teams the year before will be divided amongst the teams the same way. All participants will be placed on a team in the parishwide league. Parishwide leagues consist of girls basketball ages 9 through16, girls softball ages 9 through 16, boys American League baseball ages 9 through 14 and boys fall ball (no evaluation for this league) ages 6 through 14.

  • What is the American League?

    A franchise league is a more competitive atmosphere than our recreation baseball league. Players are evaluated on a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest score. For instance, baseball players are scored on the following criteria: Fielding, hitting, arm strength and fly balls. If a player does not make the American League, he will then be placed in the recreational league. His information will be sent to his respective booster club.

  • What if my child is not receiving enough playing time?

    The Department of Parks and Recreation's policies emphasize the importance that every player plays. Coaches are given a coaching code of ethics form to fill out and sign at the beginning of each season. If a player is not receiving the recommended playing time explained in the rules, the parent of that child must first contact the coach and discuss the situation. The parent must then contact the booster club and discuss the situation with said representative. The coach reserves the right to discipline any player due to conduct detrimental to the team and continued absenteeism from scheduled practices.

  • Who selects the coaches for recreation sports programs?

    Coach selection is the responsibility of the booster club and its representatives. The Department of Parks and Recreation is not responsible for selecting either coaches or assistant coaches for each booster club. However, in the parishwide league or American League, the department is responsible for the coaches’ selection. The department is responsible for selecting the all-star coaches for various sports which offer all-star competitions. Coaches must fill out a coaching application. Coaches are selected based on experience, conduct, sportsmanship and coaching ethics.

  • How much do I have to pay?

    Registration fees for each sport are determined by and voted upon by the booster clubs at the Organized Team Sports meetings. This information can also be found on our website as well as the booster clubs' websites.